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On Demand Digital Marketing Courses

With over 20 years of combined SEO experience, we’ve learned a few things about what works and what doesn’t. The most important thing we learned, however, is that anyone can do SEO if they’re just taught. Our SEO courses are designed for the small business owner, bloggers, or the like. Take packaged courses or one course at a time as you have time and money. You can do this! 

Finally, an SEO Agency that Teaches Business Owners

You know all those SEO agency guru’s that make SEO totally complicated and then charge an arm and a leg for their services? Yeah, well, they’re full of it. We have successfully run an SEO agency for almost 11 years and know every “secret.” The biggest secret is that you, yes you, can absolutely do your own businesses SEO. And you should. That’s why we have created SEO courses just for business owners, bloggers, and anyone else that likes to keep everything in-house. 

1. Packaged Courses

We have packaged SEO courses that come with a 20% discount. 

Al 'la Carte

Take one course at a time, based on your budget or what you already know (or don’t know). 

3. Consulting

Need a little extra help with your companies SEO? We’ll train your team, put processes in place, and remain available for coaching and help. 

SEO agency

Not Sure Where to Start?

Fancy that, we can help figure out which course is best for you! Reach out and we’ll get you started. 

Our SEO Courses

Check Out Just Some of Our SEO Courses 

SEO for Bloggers

SEO for Bloggers is a lot different than SEO for a local business. Learn why in our SEO for Bloggers Course.

SEO for Local Businesses

We have written over 1 million words of SEO optimized content. Our content is powerful, ranks, and doesn't cost a fortune.

SEO Content Writing

Learn how to write your websites content for SEO and people.

Keyword Research

Picking the right keywords is CRUCIAL and we can promise you, you've been told wrong. Learn how to pick keywords that keep working for your website.


Are backlinks important? Yes. Are they worth getting hit by Goggle's algorithm updates? No. Learn the right way to earn links.

How to Design Your Own Website

Save thousands of dollars by using the same tools website designers use and design your very own website. It's easier than you think!

Constulting Services

Are you wanting a more hands on, face to face consulting experience? We get it, worry not. We can come to your place of business, Zoom, or make videos JUST for your business and team. Fill out the form to learn more.