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We get it. You’re a do it yourselfer business owner and that goes for your websites SEO too. That’s why we made courses from SEO to website design, so you can keep everything in-house and affordable. 

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We are a team of executives, managers, writers, and designers. Our goal is offer affordable training courses for businesses, bloggers, and the like.

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Anna Fragriogi

CEO, Owner

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Senior Writer

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Senior Editor

More About SGS

With more and more companies declaring where they stand on current/controversial issues, we decided to follow suite. 

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We are Disciples of Christ

We are believers in Jesus Christ, that He died on the cross, and rose again three days later. Every business decision we make, we pray and look to see if it glorifies God. 

Proud Patriots

We are proud to be in the great USA.  We love our country, the constitution, and the freedoms that we have that have allowed us to start this business. 

We Support Police

It’s shocking to us that we even need to declare our love and support of the men and women in blue. We love and appreciate our police across the nation.