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SEO for Bloggers

how can you improve your keyword search results

By taking this course! If you’re a blogger and wondering how can you improve your keyword search results, then you  need to take this SEO for bloggers course. Instead of telling you to JUST look at search volume (worst advice out there) we will teach you how to look at all the data and buyer intent. SEO for bloggers is a lot different than a standard business, and you need to learn the difference. Learning these skills will transform your keyword research for your blogs and blog website. You will learn what keywords to pass on and why, and what keywords are worth your time and sometimes, money.

In this SEO for bloggers mini-course you will learn how to find GOOD keywords, and what BAD keywords look like. You will then learn how to find good keywords and plan blogs by topic, reverse engineering a popular blog, and then by reverse engineering an entire website. Once you have your keywords and blogs planned, you will learn all about on-page SEO. There are many follow-alongs in this course, where you can watch the work we teach be done. For further learning check out our SEO for Bloggers PREMIUM course that has more planning and process tips and tricks.

Good Keywords vs. Bad Keywords

There are absolutely GOOD keywords for your blog, and BAD keywords. If you’re only looking at search volume you’re missing the entire point of data and more times than not, completely wasting your effort and time. This is just one part of answering the question, how can you improve your keyword search results?

Looking at All the Keyword Data

Not only are we going to tell you about the data you need to look at the improve your keywords and keyword rankings, but we’re going to actually DO keyword research for blogs that you can watch. You’re going to hear our reasoning for different choices and learn how to think critically regarding the data and buyer intent.

Consistency and Blog Planning is Crucial for SEO for Bloggers

During the keyword research walk-throughs you’re also going to see what process and system we use to manage over 1 million words of content in our content department. You will learn how to find bulk high-quality keywords, how and where to store them, and how to plan entire blogs months ahead of time. These processes are crucial for staying on schedule, remaining consistent, and thus improving your keyword search results.

Topics in Our “SEO for Bloggers- Mini” Course.

You can expect to learn many topics and skills, just a few of them are:

  • Tools you will need to do the best possible keyword research
  • What SEO is, and isn’t
  • On-Page SEO walk through- blogs
  • What Good keywords are and why
  • What bad keywords are and why
  • How to find high-quality keywords by topic or blog idea, by reverse engineering a popular  blog, and by reverse engineering an entire website
  • Finding multiple high quality keywords for blog planning
  • How to plan blogs with those keywords
  • On-Page SEO Overview
  • On-Page SEO walk through – standard

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